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  1. Meigs syndrome is defined as the triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites and pleural effusion that resolves after resection of the tumor. Ovarian fibromas constitute the majority of the benign..
  2. The three defining characteristics of meigs syndromeare: Ascites, or the unusually large accumulation of fluid in the stomach region. Pleural effusion, or the more than usual amount of fluid that gets accumulated in the fluid-filled space called the pleural cavity around the lungs. Benign tumours that develop in the ovary
  3. Meigs' Syndrome - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis. Most symptoms of Meigs' syndrome are associated with ascites and pleural effusion, but when the condition occurs after menopause.
  4. al swelling apparent by the increase in girth. Weight loss is usually present in Meigs syndrome but severe ascites can cause weight gain

Abdomen - Most patients present with an asymptomatic, solid, and unilateral pelvic mass, most often left sided; the mass may be large, [ 6] but sometimes, no mass is felt; ascites is present, with.. Blepharospasm symptoms the first symptom to appear is an increased rate of blinking uncontrollable squinting/closing of eyes light sensitivity (photophobia May be associated with Meigs syndrome: ascites and pleural effusion in association with a benign ovarian tumor [37] The cause is unknown. Surgical removal of the tumor leads to complete resolution of symptoms. Often manifests with lower abdominal discomfort and/or a pulling sensation in the inguinal area; Non Causes of Meige Syndrome. Medical experts still don't know what the root cause of this condition is. Some speculate that there are multiple factors involved in the development of Meige Syndrome. Researchers theorize that Meige Syndrome is the result of the combination of specific genetic and environmental factors

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Meigs' syndrome is a benign solid ovarian tumor with the gross appearance of a fibroma with ascites and hydrothorax. Removal of the tumor promptly cures the ascites and hydrothorax. The histology would be a fibroma, thecoma, or granulosa cell tumor. [ 24] Health and Fitness . Lifestyle . Personal Developmen The symptoms of this condition are usually those caused by the hydrothorax and the ascites. The close resemblance to pelvic malignancy with metastases to the peritoneum and pleura often causes it to be misdiagnosed. As Meigs stated, these symptoms are broadly classified into two groups, namely: respiratory interference, and abdominal distention

The Meigs' syndrome can be easily misdiagnosed as malignant ovarian tumors because of accompanying ascites with an increased serum CA-125 level. The untreated Meigs' syndrome is fatal and that the common mechanism of death is lung collapse due to large pleural effusion. The Meig's syndrome always requires a surgical treatment. Unilateral. Meigs' syndrome is defined as a hydrothorax with ascites and a pelvic tumor, both of which resolve on removal of the tumor. Pseudo-Meigs' is a variant not possessing the original tumor cell types described by Meigs. Both these syndromes should be considered in otherwise healthy women who present wit Meigs syndrome. Meigs Syndrome: A rare syndrome affecting females.It is characterized by pleural effusion, ascites and non-malignant ovarian neoplasm. This syndrome usually follows a benign course. Prognosis is favorable following surgical resection of the ovarian mass. 1 More on Meigs syndrome Meige syndrome is a neurological disorder which causes involuntary movements in your jaw as well as the other parts of your face. It is basically categorized as a lower face dystonia. The lymphatic fluid accumulates abnormally to affect a certain part of the body, particularly facial areas when it comes to meige Eventually, several authors reported similar cases, and Meigs syndrome became a distinct entity. Meigs eventually redefined the syndrome in 1954. The following criteria are to be met for the diagnosis of Meigs syndrome - a) Presence of the benign tumor of the ovary - Fibroma, thecoma, granulosa cell tumor or Brenner tumor b) ascites c.

Meige Syndrome. Meige syndrome is a combined form of dystonia - involuntary, irregular muscle contractions - of the lower face, jaw and neck, as well as of the eye. Described by French neurologist Henri Meige in the early 20 th century, it is characterized by forceful blinking and chin jutting. The rare syndrome generally appears later in life, at middle age or beyond (40 - 70 years old) The patient was very upset about her husband's untimely death, and his treatment convinced her that she did not want chemotherapy if she was found to have cancer. Fortunately, it was discovered that she had benign cystic teratoma of the ovary with ascites and hydrothorax (Meigs' syndrome) The Demons-Meigs syndrome should usually be evoked in case of presence of a typical triad: abdominopelvic mass, ascites and hydrothorax. Demons was the first, between 1887 and 1902, who indicated that removal of the tumor (benign ovarian cyst, solid ovarian tumor, fibroma of the broad ligament) was essential for the patient to be cured from. Meigs' syndrome is a rare condition characterized by the presence of a benign fibroma of the ovary, ascites and pleural effusion. It very uncommon and diagnosis is made difficult by symptoms that usually mimic disseminated malignancy Meigs' syndrome is a rare disease characterized by a triad of presentations, including benign ovarian tumor, ascites, and pleural effusion. However, a clinical diagnosis of Meigs' syndrome remains challenging because pleural and ascitic effusions can be common findings in a variety of underlying conditions. Furthermore, these findings can often be misdiagnosed as pleural and peritoneal.

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Meigs syndrome is diagnosed on discovery of the triad of any ovarian fibroma, a pleural effusion, and ascites. When Joe Vincent Meigs, an American professor, first described the syndrome, he stated that removal of the tumour must cure the patient, hereby adding an extra criterion to the triad Meigs syndrome, however, is a diagnosis of exclusion only after ovarian carcinoma is ruled out. The presentation of symptoms and radiographic findings mimics that of metastatic ovarian cancer, creating a significant clinical challenge. We report a case of a patient with recurrent pleural effusions and an ovarian mass, with the outside hospital. The Meigs' syndrome is a rare but well-known syndrome defined as the triad of benign solid ovarian tumor, ascites, and pleural effusion. Meigs' syndrome always requires surgical treatment. However, the optimal approach for its management has not been sufficiently investigated. We report a patient with a large twisted ovarian fibroma associated with Meigs' syndrome, abdominal pain and severe. The symptoms of this condition are usually those caused by the hydrothorax and the ascites. The close resemblance to pelvic malignancy with metastases to the peritoneum and pleura often causes it to be misdiagnosed. As Meigs stated, these symptoms are broadly classified into two groups, namely: respiratory inter-ference, and abdominal distention Pseudo-Meigs' syndrome is defined as malignant ovarian tumor leading to ascites or/and pleural effusion, whereas Meigs' syndrome is a triad of ascites, pleural effusion, and benign ovarian tumor. The removal of an underlying tumor leads to rapid improvement in patient symptoms in both conditions

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  1. Treatment of Meigs' syndrome consists of thoracentesis and paracentesis to drain off the excess fluid (exudate), and unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy or wedge resection to correct the underlying cause. Surgery is the cornerstone of treatment as Meigs syndrome is a benign condition that usually fully resolves after resection of the tumor
  2. Meigs syndrome is an uncommon presentation, where a benign ovarian tumor present along with ascites and pleural effusion. About 1 % of ovarian tumors can present as Meigs syndrome. A similar presentation can be seen in many metastatic malignancies. Early detection and intervention of this condition lead to a good prognosis
  3. MELAS (Mitochondrial Encephalopathy, Lactic Acidosis, and Stroke-like episodes) syndrome is a rare disorder that begins in childhood, usually between two and fifteen years of age, and mostly affects the nervous system and muscles. The most common early symptoms are seizures, recurrent headaches, loss of appetite and recurrent vomiting
  4. Meigs' syndrome however, is a clinical and surgical syndrome that tests our diagnostic abilities and it is an important diagnosis from a patient's perspective. The differential diagnosis for the presenting signs and symptoms include malignant ovarian tumour, other cancers including bowel and lung, nephrotic syndrome, congestive cardiac failure.
  5. Even, though Meigs syndrome is classically associated with ovarian fibroma, other benign ovarian conditions, as well as ovarian malignancies have also been reported. A possibility of pseudo-Meigs syndrome could be considered
  6. Introduction. Meigs' syndrome in the classical form consists in benign solid ovarian tumors (fibrothecoma) accompanied by ascites and pleural effusion; its causes are unknown and it occurs almost always on the right side [].The characteristic feature of the syndrome is complete disappearance of ascites and/or the fluid in the pleura following the surgical removal of the tumor
  7. Meigs' syndrome is a rare condition. Fibromas account for around 3% of all ovarian tumours in women, and Meigs' syndrome for 1-2% of those. Meig's syndrome tends to occur most often in postmenopausal women, with an average age of presentation of around 50 years. Clinical presentatio

Meigs' syndrome is a triad of pleural effusion, ascites, and an ovarian tumor; it is usually a benign condition. However, the signs of Meigs' syndrome indicate a metastatic tumor. According to the British Thoracic Society (BTS), the unilateral pleural effusion with Meigs' syndrome is classified as transudate1 Maignes Syndrome Exercises. These Maigne's syndrome exercises have been specifically designed for the . Quadratus Lumborum, the Multifidi and the Intertransversarii muscles and ; the upper lumbar facet joints.; There is considerable evidence that it is the small stabilizer muscles, the inter transversarii and the multifidi, linking across one, two and three vertebrae, that are weak in patients. Demons-Meigs' syndrome: Related Topics. These medical condition or symptom topics may be relevant to medical information for Demons-Meigs' syndrome: Meigs' syndrome; Meigs; Ascites (176 causes) Hydrothorax; Ovarian; Ovarian symptoms (68 causes) Ovarian disease; Ovarian disorder; Ovarian pain. Terms associated with Demons-Meigs' syndrome: Terms. Meigs' syndrome is classically defined as the triad of ascites, pleural effusion, and benign ovarian fibroma. A key feature found in patients with Meigs' syndrome is the resolution of symptoms after tumor resection .Meigs' syndrome is a rare condition that can only be diagnosed after ovarian carcinoma is ruled out

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The treatment of choice of Meigs' Syndrome is exploratory laparotomy and, by definition of the syndrome, after tumor removal, the symptoms resolve and the patients become asymptomatic [1, 10]. Paracentesis and thoracentesis are a possible treatment for ascites and pleural effusion Meigs syndrome is a rare condition, occurring in less than 1% of ovarian tumors and has the characteristic features of a benign ovarian tumor, ascites and a pleural effusion. We present a case of Meigs syndrome in a young patient presenting initially with an axillary vein thrombosis and local lymphadenopathy. A 28-year-old Caucasian woman presented with a short history of right arm swelling. There is no medical treatment for Meigs syndrome. Surgery. Surgery is the mainstay of therapy for Meigs syndrome. Exploratory laparotomy with surgical staging is the most common approach to the treatment of Meigs syndrome. Meigs syndrome is a benign condition and the ascites and pleural effusion resolves after resection of the primary pelvic tumor

Background: Meigs syndrome is defined as the triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites and pleural effusion that resolves after resection of the tumor.The ovarian tumor in Meigs syndrome is a fibroma. In 1934, Salmon described the association of pleural effusion with benign pelvic tumors PDF | Meigs' syndrome represents a triad of pleural effusion, ascites, and an ovarian tumor, which is usually benign, occurring together. We describe... | Find, read and cite all the research. Meigs syndrome is defined as the triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites and pleural effusion that resolves after resection of the tumor. Ovarian fibromas constitute the majority of the benign tumors seen in Meigs syndrome. Meigs syndrome, however, is a diagnosis of exclusion, only after ovarian carcinoma is ruled out. [1

Pseudo-Meigs' syndrome, or atypical Meigs' syndrome, occurs when a pelvic mass other than an ovarian fibroma is present with hydrothorax and ascites. Leiomyomas rarely cause this condition Cases of Meigs' syndrome associated with malignant ovarian tumors have also been reported by Beresford (1) in 1950, by Nelson and Dennison (7) in 1951, by Conway-Hughes (8) in 1951, and by Deacon (9) in 1954. The syndrome as originally described by Meigs was limited to fibroma of the ovary Aggressive treatment, including R0 resection, for this disease if allowed by the patient's general condition may offer long-term survival. Keywords: Pseudo-Meigs' syndrome, Meigs' syndrome, Colorectal cancer, Ovarian metastasis, Long-term survival Background Meigs' syndrome is defined as the co-existence of benig

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  1. Meigs syndrome revisited. J Thorac Imaging 2003;18:100-103. Crossref, Medline, Google Scholar; 11 Majzlin G, Stevens FL. Meigs syndrome: case report and review of literature. J Int Coll Surg 1964;42:625-630. Medline, Google Schola
  2. Meige syndrome: A movement disorder characterised by blepharospasm, oromandibular dystonia, and sometimes spasmodic dysphonia
  3. Meigs' syndrome has three cardinal features. Learn all about Meigs' syndrome, a rare benign ovarian tumour. Meigs' syndrome page

Nephrotic syndrome; Pancreatic disorders, including pancreatitis (both acute and chronic) and pancreatic cancer. Direct irritation on the peritoneum; Diseases that affect the ovaries can also cause ascites. They include ovarian cancer and Meigs syndrome. Hypothyroidism (impairment in the function of the thyroid gland). This is quite uncommon Background Meigs syndrome is a rare condition and defined by an ovarian fibroma or fibroma-like tumour (thecoma, granulosa cell and/or Brenner tumour) presenting with ascites and/or pleural effusion.1-3 This extremely rare syndrome is associated with a low incidence rate. Only 1% of ovarian tumours present as Meigs syndrome.1 Pseudo-Meigs syndrome has a similar clinical presentation as Meigs.

Pseudo-Meigs' syndrome is a syndrome rarely caused by leiomyomas. Elevated CA125 usually suggests malignancy of the ovary. No reported case of pseudo-Meigs' syndrome presenting with necrosis and mucinous degeneration of uterine cellular leiomyomas (CLs) and an elevated CA125 level was found upon a PubMed search Patients with Meigs' syndrome and elevated serum CA-125 are not frequently reported. A 59-year-old woman and a 48-year-old woman sought help because of progressive shortness of breath caused by pleural effusion. The presence of a pelvic mass was noted in both the patients and was thought to be the cause of the effusion. Both patients had elevated serum CA-125, which raised the possibility of. The treatment of Meigs syndrome is mostly symptomatic in addition to surgical resection of tumor7. Exploratory laparotomy and surgical staging is the treatment of choice. Meigs syndrome is a benign disease not converted to malignant and if managed promptly, recurrence not occurs. Meigs syndrome is a rare but properly manageable Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. The ovaries may develop numerous small collections of fluid (follicles) and fail to regularly release eggs मेग्स सिंड्रोम कोणतीही शारीरिक लक्षणे दर्शवत नसेल तरीही.

On vaginal examination, a vaginal pseudo-Meigs' syndrome.7 The significant distinction be- stump was present and the bimanual examination revealed tween pseudo-Meigs' syndrome that occurs with malignant the continuous lower edge of the right-sided pelvic mass ovarian tumors and metastatic pelvic malignancies is the on the right side of the. pseudo-Meigs syndrome or atypical Meigs syndrome3.A number of studies have reported cases of pseudo-Meigs syndrome associated with struma ovarii, mature tera-toma, uterine myoma, ovarian cancer, and ovarian metas-tasis of malignancies. Pseudo-Meigs syndrome is often diagnosed after close examination, typically durin The patient was diagnosed as pseudo-pseudo Meigs syndrome. Intervention: The patient received hormone, leflunomide, and Plaquenil therapy. Outcomes: The patient's symptoms were relieved and the laboratory index was improved after the treatment of hormone and immunosuppressant. Lessons subsections as per style What causes Meigs syndrome? Meigs' syndrome is usually generated by the presence of benign ovarian tumors, such as fibroma, thecoma, granulosa cell tumor or cystadenoma. The fibrous growth in a woman's ovary which causes abnormal levels of sex hormone production Meige syndrome synonyms, Meige syndrome pronunciation, Meige syndrome translation, English dictionary definition of Meige syndrome. n. 1. A group of symptoms that collectively indicate or characterize a disease, disorder, or other condition considered abnormal. Meigs syndrome; Meigs' expanded Wertheim operation; Meigs' syndrome

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Pseudo-pseudo Meigs' syndrome Previous Article Preventing chronic diseases: taking stepwise action She initially presented to her personal physician in July, 2003, with a 2-month history of progressive dyspnoea, abdominal distension, and pedal oedema Symptoms. Most of the disorders associated with metabolic syndrome don't have obvious signs or symptoms. One sign that is visible is a large waist circumference. And if your blood sugar is high, you might notice the signs and symptoms of diabetes — such as increased thirst and urination, fatigue, and blurred vision. When to see a docto Meigs syndrome or Demons-Meigs syndrome, is the triad of ascites, pleural effusion, and benign ovarian tumor . Most features are related to ascites and pleural effusion but before the menopause there may be menstrual symptoms too. • Fatigue. • Dyspnoea (initially on exertion). • Pelvic pain or bloating, constipation

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  1. When OMD is combined with blepharospasm, it may be referred to as Meige's Syndrome named after Henri Meige, the French neurologist who first described the symptoms in detail in 1910. The symptoms usually begin between the ages of 30 and 70 years old and appear to be more common in women than in men (2:1 ratio).The combination of upper and lower dystonia is sometimes called cranial-cervical.
  2. al mass, Demons-Meigs syndrome, Hydrothorax, Meigs, Ovarian benign tumor. To cite this article: Nohuz E, Alaboud M, El-Drayi B, Tamburro S, Kachkach S, Varga J. Demons-Meigs Pseudosyndrome Mimicking the Symptoms of Pregnancy: A Case Report. J Reprod Infertil. 2014;15(4):229-232. Introduction he Demons-Meigs syndrome should usuall
  3. opelvic mass, ascites and hydrothorax. Its diagnosis appears crucial to prevent the realization of unnecessary surgical procedures
  4. We describe here a case of Meigs' syndrome in a patient with systemic sclerosis, the first such report to our knowledge, in systemic sclerosis. A 53-year-old woman with systemic sclerosis presented with recurrent right-sided pleural effusion, which led to symptoms of shortness of breath, chest tightness, and a non-productive cough
  5. population. Meigs' syndrome is very uncommon before the third decade but progressively increases thereafter to peak in the seventh decade. Meigs' and Pseudo-Meigs' syndrome Abstract Diagnosing Meigs' syndrome is challenging in that it can be mistaken for a number of other conditions

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Meigs' syndrome is a medical condition with a triad of symptoms including benign ovarian tumor, ascites and pleural effusion. Meigs' syndrome accounts for approximately 1% of all ovarian tumors Pseudo-Pseudo Meigs Syndrome must be differentiated from Meigs Syndrome, in which ascites and plural effusions occur in conjunction with a benign ovarian mass (most commonly fibromas, Brenner's tumors, and granulosa cell tumors) and Pseudo-Meigs Syndrome, in which these symptoms develop with tumors other than those originally described The syndrome is now called Meigs' syndrome. A review of the literature in 1951 revealed that less than 100 cases have been reported. This condition usually occurs in women past the menopause. The symptoms have chiefly been dyspnea and swelling of the abdomen, although weakness, chest and abdominal pain, and cough have been present

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  1. Meigs syndrome is characterized by the presence of ascites and pleural effusion in the presence of a benign ovarian tumor. Pseudo-Meigs syndrome presents in a similar fashion and is associated with benign tumors of other pelvic organs
  2. Read Meigs' syndrome: A brief review of the condition and report of a case associated with a Brenner tumour, British Journal of Surgery on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips
  3. BACKGROUND Meigs' syndrome refers to solid, benign ovarian tumors, ascites, hydrothorax, and resolution of these signs after surgery. Meigs' syndrome with an elevated CA 125 secondary to benign Brenner tumors is exceedingly rare. CASE A postmenopausal woman presented with a large pelvic mass, ascites, and a right pleural effusion. Serum CA 125 was 759 IU/mL
  4. Answers from trusted physicians on causes of meigs syndrome. First: I rarely prescribe meds for ibs. In my experience teaching people to eat and drink properly resolves most if not all symptoms when the patient is compliant and follows through. Hi fiber, 80-100 ounces non caffeine, non alcoholic beverages each day, regular meal times, excercise. Consistency is the key to being symptom free
  5. The tumor is tight and gray on its surface. It lacks any hormonal release. If the fibroma is along with ascitis and hydrothorax, it may lead to Meigs syndrome Case: She is a 64-year-old woman with symptoms of pain, uterine heaviness and a history of primary infertility and menopause, for which she came to Ghaem hospital
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Meigs' syndrome is a rare syndrome defined as the triad of benign solid ovarian tumors, ascites, and pleural effusion. [sup][1] The syndrome appears in approximately 1% of ovarian fibromas. The untreated Meigs' syndrome is fatal, and the common mechanism of death is lung collapse due to the large amount of pleural effusion Meigs´s syndrome is defined as the presence of ascites and hydrothorax in association with a benign ovarian tumor. It is a rare clinical entity, which is also considered to be an uncommon complication of benign leiomyomas of the female genital tract. The case of a 33 year-old female patient who presented rapid weight loss and a quickly increasing abdominal circumference is described Synonyms for Meige syndrome in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Meige syndrome. 7 synonyms for syndrome: condition, complaint, illness, symptoms, disorder, ailment, affliction. What are synonyms for Meige syndrome

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In medicine, Meigs' syndrome, also Meigs syndrome or Demons-Meigs syndrome, is the triad of ascites, pleural effusion, and benign ovarian tumor (ovarian fibroma, fibrothecoma, Brenner tumour, and occasionally granulosa cell tumour). Meigs' syndrome resolves after the resection of the tumor. Because the transdiaphragmatic lymphatic channels are larger in diameter on the right, the pleural. Meigs Syndrome. At the end of the presentation, students should be able to understand Meigs syndrome, it's pathophysiology, epidemiology, and common presentation. Students should also be able to come up with likely differential diagnoses and suggest a relevant workup and treatment options. Meigs

Meigs' syndrome is rare and typically consists of a benign ovarian fibroma with ascites and pleural effusion that re-solve after tumor removal [1]. Ovarian fibromas account for approximately 3 % of all ovarian tumors and Meigs' syndrome occurs in 1-10 % of these cases [2]. Since Meigs and Cass (1937) reported a case series of patients who ha Hi, dear I have gone through your question. I can understand your concern. Right sided pleural effusion with ovarian cancer is called as meig syndrome. Patient may have ascites. You should regularly check your CA 125 level. Go for pleural fluid routine and microscopic examination. Then you should.. MEIGS' SYNDROME MEIGS' SYNDROME Lawson, James G. 1950-08-01 00:00:00 G. LAWSON, M.B., M.R.C.O.G. Department of Midwifery and Diseases of W o m e n , U.wiuersity of St. A n d r e w aizd Dundee R o y a l hfirmary JAMES straw-coloured fluid being withdrawn. At this time, a hard irregular abdominal tumour was detected Meigs' syndrome represents a triad of pleural effusion, ascites, and an ovarian tumor, which is usually benign, occurring together. We describe here 2 patients with Meigs' syndrome and 2 patients with pseudo-Meigs' syndrome. Hydrothorax and ascites symptoms in 4 patients are of outstanding performance characteristics of Meigs' syndrome and pseudo-Meigs' syndrome Meigs' syndrome. Meigs-Syndrom n (bei Ovarialtumoren) Fachwörterbuch Medizin Englisch-Deutsch. 2013. Meibomian stye.

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Meigs syndrome presenting with axillary vein thrombosis and lymphadenopathy: a case report. Meig's syndrome: a cause of diagnostic dilemma Differential diagnosis in a patient with initial presentation such as ours could be either primary peritoneal carcinomatosis, metastasis from malignant or benign ovarian tumor ( Meigs syndrome ) in a female. Pseudo-Meigs' Syndrome Secondary to Broad Ligament Leiomyoma: A Case Report. Asia-Oceania Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 1990. Suneeta Mittal. Abhay Dhond. Suneeta Mittal. Abhay Dhond. Download with Google Download with Facebook. or. Create a free account to download. Download Full PDF Package Meigs syndrome can become a fibroma if the tumor is removed surgically. This syndrome is often benign (harmless) and can be managed properly. Ovarian tumor appears in the late 30's and continues to develop and incidence of cases with this syndrome has been reported with age group 50-70 also. Symptoms Meigs syndrome may mimic other conditions, since it is tumor arising from ovaries, pathology of any organs present in the abdomen may show a similar set of symptoms. These include various gynecological disorders of the uterus such as endometrial tumor, sarcoma, leiomyoma (pseudo-Meigs syndrome); fallopian tube disorders such as hydrosalpinx. The next video is starting stop. Loading..

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Look at other dictionaries: Meigs syndrome — Classification and external resources DiseasesDB 7943 eMedicine med/1422 — Classification and external resources DiseasesDB 7943 eMedicine med/1422 Bauchumfang vergrößert & Meigs-Syndrom: Mögliche Ursachen sind unter anderem Meigs-Syndrom. Schauen Sie sich jetzt die ganze Liste der weiteren möglichen Ursachen und Krankheiten an! Verwenden Sie den Chatbot, um Ihre Suche weiter zu verfeinern Les causes. Le syndrome de Meigs survient dans le contexte de tumeurs ovariennes bénignes et plus précisément d'un fibrome. Lorsque le syndrome survient avec d'autres types de tumeurs ovariennes bénignes autres qu'un fibrome, il est connu sous le nom de syndrome pseudo-Meigs The prevalence of Meige disease is unknown. Collectively, the many types of primary lymphedema affect an estimated 1 in 100,000 people younger than 20; Meige disease is the most common type of primary lymphedema denomination of Pseudo-Meigs' syndrome is preferred. The distinction between Meigs' and Pseudo-Meigs' syndrome is merely academic, because therapeutic treatment is the same [18]. Multiple theories have attempted to explain the pathophysiology of ascitis and of pleural effusion from the publication of Meigs in 1960, i

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CONCLUSION: This is the first case of cortical stromal hyperplasia presenting with bilateral involvement of small ovaries ascites and a pleural effusion. Meigs' syndrome and its variants develop with clinical pictures suggestive of malignancy. Thorough evaluation and individualized treatment are necessary Meigs syndrome. Meigs syndrome: translation. the rare combination of a benign ovarian fibroma with ascites and a right-sided pleural effusion. [V. Meigs (1892-1963), US gynaecologist] The new mediacal dictionary. 2014 Meigs' syndrome is a rare entity in women under age 30 years. It is characterized by a benign fibrous ovarian tumor, ascites, and hydrothorax. Complete resolution of symptoms occurs with removal of the tumor. The case of a 20-year-old woman with a fibroma and dermoid cyst is presented and the literature reviewed. The etiology of the fluid.

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